Robby Bolleyn in Galerie Persoon, The Netherlands

Posted: November 2022


05 November 2022 - 18 December 2022


Galerie Persoon is hosting a 6 week solo exhibition on the work of Robby Bolleyn.

30 Artworks by Robby are presented as limited editions prints.

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“There is something mysterious about Africa!

The raw menacing beauty of this dark continent is unrivalled and overwhelming.

Moments, scenes and events that make my blood run through my veins.

I do not look for ordinary images, but for penetrating portraits. I do not look at the African animal world from a purely observational point of view, but with depth. I regard them as mysterious creatures, whose magic, gracefulness, but also menace I want to capture.

And that also applies to its impressive inhabitants.

Hardened individuals from the Omo Valley in Ethiopia who have to survive in a barren, harsh and hostile landscape and are still embroiled in armed tribal conflicts, or portraits of the penetrating, weather-beaten facial expressions of Swahili fishermen who bear witness to the difficult living conditions in the turbulent indigo blue waters of the Indian Ocean and who contrast sharply with the crushing predictability of the ordinary life of the Westerner.

Or portraits of Swahili women on Zanzibar who gracefully shine in all the usual oriental splendour.

The images I chose for this exhibition are the silent witnesses of a continent whose heartbeat I can feel in my body. A continent that I long for year after year with a quiet desperation since the day I leave it.


The contemporary art gallery is located at the beautiful Domein Oogenlust in Eersel.

The collection comprises a very wide range from various art disciplines. Among other things, you will find paintings, bronze sculptures, glass objects and photography by renowned artists from all over Europe.


The exhibition runs until the 18th of December.

You are most welcome!


Galerie Persoon

Hees 4

5521 NV Eersel

The Netherlands